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We are Jason and Lina Mickno, a small family business located in Georgia, and we breed English bulldogs for people who show the same love and connection we have with this breed. We have been raising English Bulldogs for more than 8 years. Our Bulldogs are members of our family and enjoy a high-quality life. Their puppies are raised indoors with constant attention, care and socialization with us and our other bulldogs as they grow. We are only breeding for quality and not quantity so we only have a few puppies a year based on when our females will be ready because we know the importance of dedicating ourselves to one litter at a time to develop the best puppies.


Coco was our first bulldog and she is the daughter of a Colombia female and Georgia male and was bred with Odin, from Springfield, MO.  She is an amazing dog and the reason we do this.  All dogs are health and genetic tested to achieve the best possible quality in our puppies. Our Bulldogs live on a combination of dry and raw food including fish, fruits and vegetables that gives them an amazing shiny coat.  They are raised and trained with love, patience, and dedication in a family environment so that they are apt to socialize with other dogs, children, and adults.



English Bulldogs are excellent couch potatoes who love to cuddle, be comfortable, and be there when you need a friend. When they are young, they have tons of energy and will surprise you with their athletic ability as Coco easily jumps onto table tops at the park and Zelina never seems to get tired. As they grow, they only need 30-60 minutes of daily activity and a good diet to stay healthy. Every dog is special as Coco is calm and reserved while Zelina tends to be more hyper and protective but both love to play with dogs and people. Our dogs have been excellent with kids as yours will have the cleanest ears in the neighborhood if your puppy gets near them. Their puppies have been learning how to treat each other and play together. We recommend crate training for a few years before letting them roam free as it helps them understand their home, so we train our puppies this way. We are here to provide continual support for you and your bulldog to live a happier, healthier life. Let us know how we can help.
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We are here to provide continual support for you and your bulldog to live a happier, healthe life. Let us know how we can help you.

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