Available Puppies

We bred Zelina with Mongo, a Lilac Tri English Bulldog from Texas, to create these 7 amazing puppies that area available.  She has 4 males (3 black tris and 1 lilac tri) and 3 females (a lilac tri merle and 2 lilac tris).  Each puppy was DNA tested and those results are available for their new owners along with their veterinarian health check.  They are growing fast and have surprised us with some reaching 20+lbs in 8 weeks.  They are developing their personalities and learning to be puppies, but they have also been able to make it about 8 hours in a crate without pooping, which is amazing.  We are working on house training, so they are ready to go to their new homes.

Purchasing A Puppy From JL Stately Bulldogs:

Purchasing A Puppy From JL Stately Bulldogs:

We have English Bulldog puppies available for sale and you came to the right place if you are looking for

high quality and healthy puppies. They are on a first come basis and there is no waiting list or deposit at

this time.

In the future, our waiting list is the best place way to get a puppy because they are not all the same and

being on the list will guarantee you a slot to get the one you want. Deposits to hold a puppy are

$500.00 and payments can be made with a bank transfer, Zelle, Venmo or mailing us a money order.

Once we receive your deposit, you will be sent a receipt and this amount will be deducted from the final

price of the puppy.



WAITING LIST AND/OR DEPOSIT. We want you to be comfortable and sure you want to purchase a

puppy with us so if you are on our waiting list, we will contact you once the puppies are confirmed and

request a deposit to secure your puppy. Understand that you may have to wait awhile for a puppy

based on the females bred and the style of English Bulldog you want; standard or exotic as we breed

both. Once you are on our waiting list, you will remain there until you purchase a puppy so you will

have the option to delay if the puppy you want is not available in the current litter, and remain at the

top of the list. Once you have chosen your puppy, you will be sent a contact to sign and we request that

payment be made in the agreed upon time.

We are available to answer any and all questions for serious buyers and once you own one of our

puppies we can be contacted at any time for advise, answer questions, give recommendations, etc. We

love to talk about our puppies and anything Bulldog related as we are also always learning new things.

Responsible and reputable breeders should focus on quality, health and temperament and normally only

have a few litters per year. We mention this because if you see puppies constantly available on a

website and in large quantities this should be a red flag and we urge you to research the breeder.

We prefer that all of our puppies are sold to pet homes without BREEDING RIGHTS. If you are a breeder

or considering breeding, please contact us to discuss your options. Our puppies vary in price range

based on color, health and temperament. If you are looking for the cheapest puppy, you should look

elsewhere. If you want a healthy, high quality puppy for a reasonable price, our puppies start at $2,500.

We would like to say a few words about our exotic or non-standard English Bulldogs. Many so called

“reputable breeders” want to say rare color puppies are only for the money and they have more health

issues than standards. For some this is true, but we are not breeding for the money and our exotic dogs

have been healthier than our standards thus far. In regards to the colors, this has no effect on their

health, skin, structure or temperament of the puppies. English Bulldogs are an expensive breed because

of everything that goes into creating high quality puppies. For our exotic puppies and all puppies, each

one is DNA tested in their first 8 weeks and we provide this information to you and recommend you

request this from any breeder you purchase from. Our exotic female has the Merle gene and we

understand the risks involved so we work with a geneticist during the breeding process to confirm the

male we breed with is an acceptable match by requiring various DNA test results and lineage of the

male. We then work with a reproductive veterinarian performing the required progesterone testing to

time the breeding and breed through surgical insemination as this is proven to be the most effective for

English Bulldogs. Once the puppies are born, we are with them 24-7 for the first few weeks and when

they are not feeding they are resting in an incubator with temperature and humidity control and 96%

oxygen to ensure they have the best environment to grow and become healthy. Our goal is to continue

improving our quality with better equipment, improvements in the kennel, food, etc and we will gladly

discuss these details with you and show you how and where our puppies are raised.

In regards to the AKC, all of our puppies are registered but it is true the AKC does not fully recognize the

exotic colors at this time so this would limit you in show or AKC related events. Rest assured these are

healthy puppies and are great pets.


Delivery Options

We want to make sure you get your puppy no matter how far away you are. But our preferred delivery

method is to drive the puppy to you, meet half way or you come to pick up your puppy so we can meet

the new owners and make sure you are happy with your new best friend. If this is not possible for

whatever reason we can arrange a courier service, at cost, for you.

Buyers are also welcome to fly to Atlanta and we can meet you there so your pup can fly home with you.

Puppies must be between 8-16 weeks of age and fit in a carrier that goes under the seat with the airline

fees being around $125 depending on the airline you choose. If you are purchasing a bulldog puppy, you

know this is only an option when they are young as they quickly outgrow a small carrier.

Note: At this time, we are not offering international transport unless the buyer is willing to handle all of

the logistics.



We are here to provide continual support for you and your bulldog to live a happier, healthe life. Let us know how we can help you.

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