Our Mothers

The females started when we added Coco to our family in 2015 and Canela and Lucy will carry on her legacy.  Coco will live as the Queen of the castle for the rest of her life in retirement.  Zelina, our exotic female, was bred in 2023 and her pups are available.  Lucy and Canela continue growing and will be ready next year.


Coco was our first bulldog and she is the daughter of a Colombia female and Georgia male and was bred with Odin, from Springfield, MO.  She is an amazing dog and the reason we do this.  All dogs are health and genetic tested to achieve the best possible quality in our puppies. Our Bulldogs live on a combination of dry and raw food including fish, fruits and vegetables that gives them an amazing shiny coat.  They are raised and trained with love, patience, and dedication in a family environment so that they are apt to socialize with other dogs, children, and adults.


Zelina is our second dog and is an exotic Blue Seal Tri Merle. Her nickname is Dragon Ball Z because of Lina’s infatuation with the Japanese anime but it fits as Zelina is super athletic and near impossible to overheat or get her tired as she has already gone running in the summer for a few miles. She seems to have traits of the Old English Bulldogs in this regard but she is also loveable and at time protective of us and the other dogs. As she is an exotic Bulldog, we work with a geneticist to breed her so the quality of her puppies is excellent and all DNA tested. We believe genetics are an important part of our dogs and guarantee they are healthy and supply the background.


Canela is Spanish for cinnamon and got her name because of her color. She was the runt of the litter but also the best in regards to health, attitude, eating and activity. She is a bit of a loner with an evil side as she enjoys attacking the larger boys and play fighting with them as she is the alpha of the litter; even when she ends up on her back…she never gives up as she is sneaky quick.


Lucy was the largest of the litter when she was born and was named after the Scarlett Johansson movie, Lucy. She is the most calm and at times psychic, staring at the stars or nature but she is also the most active and playful of the litter, even though she has a small area of her esophagus that causes some minor breathing noise, she has grown into an amazing dog.  Her weakness has become scratching her paws as she will stop everything to put one in your hand.



We are here to provide continual support for you and your bulldog to live a happier, healthe life. Let us know how we can help you.

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